Welcome to the Buffalo Bears Home Page

Joining the Club

Many of our members remember when they first discovered the Buffalo Bears. They had been around to different gatherings and clubs, and for the most part, they felt as if the gay community catered to a different type. The Bear Club offered them an alternative to the established community.

Whether our members stay with us a short time or stay around for many years, most will tell you that they made some great lifelong friends while they were members.


How do I join?

Fill out an application (just click here for the downloadable PDF) and print it off. Fill it out, and either mail it to us with your membership dues ($25.00 annually), or bring it to one of our club events.


What are the membership dues for?

Our organization has a number of operating expenses, such as this website, the post office box, materials for the Pride celebration, camping, etc. Your membership dues help us keep the wheels turning.


What are the benefits of being a member?

First of all, you are invited to all of our club functions, which also includes free admission to our monthly Bear Night (a $24.00 value). You will be notified by email of all club events, some of which are not necessarily posted on this website. If you choose to, we like to include your handsome face on our members page (not required, but we'd like to include you if we can).

As a member, we would like to hear what you think, and your input during each club meeting helps us keep our activities interesting to you and the other members. Consequently, we encourage you to be as involved as you are willing and able.

You will be a voting member of the club, having a voice in all the decisions that we make.


Are there any requirements to be a member?

You need to be of legal drinking age, since a number of our events occur in licensed establishments. You don't even have to be gay, but it sure helps...