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Why do many events say "details forthcoming in your email"? Those events are for club members and their guests. The details may include contact information and addresses of club members, so they will not be posted here. If you want to be included on these and other events, why not become a member? Don't miss out on the fun!


The following is a listing of events that will be coming up soon!

Buffalo Bears Club Meetings - Take place every second Saturday of the month at 9:15 PM at Club OHM, 948 Mani Street, Buffalo NY.

Bear Night at Club OHM - Takes place every second Saturday, immediately following the club meeting. Please take a look at the Home page to see what the next Bear Night's theme will be.


Here are a few hotels in the downtown Buffalo area. Just for the record, the Buffalo Bears Club does not endorse and particular hotels; we just wanted to list a few for you start with. Make sure you research your hotel carefully (or why not contact a friend and crash at his place?)

Buffalo Hyatt Regency

Buffalo Hampton Inn

Holiday Inn


Bear Night - OHM Ultra Lounge (948 Main St.) 2nd Saturday of every month - 10 pm till close.

Coffee at SPOT - 227 Delaware Ave every Sunday before Bear Night 4:30 pm - 6 pm


The following events are events that our club hosts annually. Keep an eye on the website for information and updates as the events draw closer.

  • Kilt Night
  • Buffalo Pride
  • Summer Bear Camp
  • Halloween Party
  • Holiday Party

Bear night Held at

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